Friday, February 22, 2013

Tweet of the Day - 22 February 2013

Peter Dunne has a bit of a moan about Air New Zealand:

Mr Dunne must have become too accustomed to flying in and out of Wellington. Maybe he should fly out of a few more provincial airports like ours here in Wanganui where a Beechcraft with one seat either side of the aisle is as good as it gets. We'd LOVE to fly on a "cruddy 737"" every now and again, especially if the taxpayer was picking up the bill!

Wethinks Peter Dunne doth protest too much; either that, or he has an advanced case of Entitleitis.


gravedodger said...

As with all those who end up in the elevated atmosphere of Wellington, entitilitus rapidly moves from acute to chronic and apparently there is no acceptable or approved cure as yet.
The French discovered one but it is deemed too drastic

Anonymous said...

Or maybe he's actually trying to save the taxpayer money? If his flights were discounted, we wouldn't have to pay so much for them.

Keeping Stock said...

@ Anon - if Dunne was trying to save the taxpayer money, he'd fly Jetstar!