Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Enough is enough Gareth

On the Cats to Go website, Dr Gareth Morgan refers to domestic cats as 'sadistic' serial killers that destroy native wildlife.

Not content with interfering in the coaching of the Wellington Phoenix, Gareth Morgan seems intent on alienating another large group of New Zealanders; the Herald reports:

Top New Zealand economist Gareth Morgan is launching a campaign to eradicate domestic cats.
Dr Morgan has set up a website called Cats to Go, where he calls the animals sadists and natural-born killers that destroy native wildlife.
SPCA chief executive Bob Kerridge called the scheme "hare-brained" and offensive.
He understood Dr Morgan wanted people to stop buying new cats and to not replace pets when they die.
"People consider cats to be a member of the family. So he's trying to, quite frankly, take away the civil liberties we all have to choose who we want in our home."
On the Cats To Go website, there's a photoshopped image of a kitten with red eyes and devil's horns.
And on the homepage the words "That little ball of fluff you own is a natural-born killer" are scrawled across a video which says: "Cats are the only true sadists of the animal world" and calls cats serial killers.
"Birds bond for life ... until your cat kills one," one of the slides in the video says.
The video was uploaded to YouTube two years ago by an account called "catsinside" and has received almost 9000 views.
The reasoning given for the campaign is that "cats are incredibly effective hunters and are wiping out our native birds".
The website says that in order for us to continue being a premium clean, green tourism destination we need to start making steps in this direction.
It states that owners should keep their pets indoors 24 hours a day, fit them with a bell, and do not replace them when they die.
"While there are many issues to address, getting one step closer to being a pest-free New Zealand would most certainly be a step in the right direction," the website says.
Dr Morgan did not return Herald calls yesterday.
He has previously spoken out against cats. In a post on his blog in August last year, Dr Morgan said: "Sorry, at the risk of causing a Pussy Riot, that ball of fluff you have at home is as much a predator as stoats, rats and mice. It has to go."
He said that removing predators was a prerequisite for building back the community of our native fauna.
Mr Kerridge said Dr Morgan's logic was "a bit radical, over the top and completely wrong".

In the interests of her health, we will do our level best to make sure that She Who Must Be Obeyed (a lover of felines) doesn't read the Herald article lest her blood boils. 

Enough is enough, and it's clearly time for Gareth Morgan to head off on another motorcycle ride to some faraway place and leave Ricki Herbert and cat owners alone!


James Stephenson said...

Well there's a novelty, somewhat agreeing with Gaweth.

I take a slightly different view from him though, if you want a cat, fine. Just keep it under control and on your property as dog owners are expected to.

Charmaine said...

Good Luck with that thought James, cats are not like dogs and I don't want 15 foot concrete fences in my neighbourhood.

I have 2 cats and the younger one is a prolific hunter of mice, rats and the occasional bird. I have lived in areas with loads of native birds and have yet to see him get more than a sparrow or occasional blackbird.

Cats perform a useful function in nature and do keep the old or inform birds in check allowing the best of the species to breed, thus allowing the bird population to thrive in a healthy state. Gareth would do well to remember this but then again this is the man who preaches about clean green and rode motocycles in the pristine environment of Antartica.

Charmaine said...


James Stephenson said...

Just as an aside, what is it with Kiwis and the complete inability to recognise that once you build something on your boundary out of bricks, stone or concrete, it becomes a friggin' wall?

Nobody's going to build a 15' wall around their property, apartment dwellers manage to keep cats under control, so can everyone else.

Lofty said...

I agree with Gareth on this one also, cats are a pestulant plague on our wildlife.
Along with stoats, weasels, ferrets and rats.

1 cat is 1 too many.

Missy said...

I find it interesting that in everything I have read about this no-one has even thought about the unintended consequences. There are a lot of disturbed people in the world who don't see anything wrong with torturing and killing animals, surely a potential unintended consequence could be that one (or more) of these disturbed people see Gareth Morgan talking about cats in this manner and use his words and beliefs to justify their actions in the killing and torturing animals. I realise that this is unlikely but being unlikely doesn't make it impossible.

I think this whole campaign of Gareth Morgan's is incredibly irresponsible.