Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quote of the Day - 4 December 2012

From former Labour Party president Mike Willians, via 3News:

Labour leader David Shearer is maintaining a dignified silence on the return of former Cabinet minister John Tamihere to the party.
After Mr Tamihere's application to rejoin the party was accepted at the weekend, Mr Shearer would only say he welcomes any new Labour party members.
But former party president Mike Williams says Labour's made a good decision.
"John Tamihere is incredibly talented, and I also have been talking to him a bit recently and he has matured a lot.
"I think he will be an asset."

Oh dear; just imagine what JT would be saying about women if he HADN'T "matured a lot"! Having managed to alienate 50% of the voting population in 48 hours, Mr Tamihere is indeed an asset; to every party except the Labour Party!


James Stephenson said...

I reckon he's on a "no such thing as bad publicity" strategy...after all, would we be talking about him if he'd said something bland about the Labour party getting too caught up in identity politics?

Phill Cough said...

Worried about Tamihere, eh KS!
You can add him to your Derangement Syndrome list. You've got Peters, Shearer, Guyton and now Tamihere.
You're in heaven!

Keeping Stock said...

Go away Guyton.