Friday, December 7, 2012

UPDATED: Breaking news from New Zealand Cricket

UPDATED: David White has confirmed that Ross Taylor will not tour South Africa with the Black Caps in December/January, but that he may return for the home series against England. White rubber-stamped Mike Hesson's split-captaincy recommendation, which would have seen Taylor retain the test captaincy whilst Brendon McCullum became captain of the ODI and T20 teams.

White is taking a real grilling at the NZC media conference. But at the end of the day he is the CEO, and the buck stops with him. Personally, we believe that the proposal put to Ross Taylor yesterday was not in the best interests of either the team or New Zealand cricket, and that Mike Hesson's relative inexperience has been a contributory factor.

The split-captaincy proposal is an interesting one. But has anyone at any time suggested a split-coaching regime, whereby Hesson continued to coach the test team with assistance in coaching the abbreviated version of the game.

New Zealand Cricket is an organisation in crisis, and that does not bode well for the health of New Zealand cricket. On RadioSport just now, Brendan Telfer has just brought up the elephant in the room. If Mike Hesson endorses Ross Taylor as test captain now, why did he ask Taylor to consider standing down as captain prior to the Colombo test match? That is a question that must be asked and answered.

David White's address to the assembled media has posed more questions than it has answered. As we type this, Telfer is talking to long-time radio Commentator Bryan Waddle who reckons that the treatment of Taylor has been "abominable". It's hard to disagree with that.

The idea of a split captaincy is not in itself a silly one. But the process that NZC has followed has been appalling.

We will still follow the Black Caps in South Africa; fifty years of support does not go out the window overnight. But we are bitterly disappointed with the apparent lack of support from NZC for its captain and premier player.


In breaking news, Ross Taylor has made himself unavailable for the forthcoming tour of South Africa. 

NZ Cricket is holding a media conference at 11.30am, and we'll have more to say after that. But rignt when you thought that the game was at its lowest ebb, it sinks a little further.

Stay tuned...


Ciaron said...

given that he has only had couple of reasonable knocks in the past wee while, isn't the real problem not that our "best" batsman is leaving, but that our "best" is really quite average compared to any other top tier nation?

I remember the days when we played the Bangles and the Sri Lankans as a warm up series, and we as often as not beat the ockers. Now we are lucky to draw with the former and last to day 5 with the latter.

mark said...

Blood letting in public seems to be the new national sport.
Anyhoo, what I've read about Taylor's poor man management skills and his reputation as a scone doer does fit with the recent failures.

In tough times a cool head and the ability to communicate with players whose form is poor make for great leadership and if the man hasn't got those very qualities he should have been long gone.

But big ups to Taylor for having the wit to know when he's not wanted and with the IPL, Big Bash and a spot of county cricket I doubt he'll miss the NZC cheque.

Anonymous said...

@Ciaron When did we "often as not beat the ockers"??

Ciaron said...

A Loooooong time ago. I was but a nipper then, but I remember going to Eden Park and watching the Aussies go down on several occasions.

pdm said...

Ciaron - you are obviously talking about ODI matches and even then I suspect the Aussies won 3 out of 4 or maybe even 4 out of 5. T20 doesn't count full stop.

It was only in the early 70's that we started playing the Aussie test team regularly and wins have been few and far between. That is why we `true' cricket follows really enjoy matches like Hobart 12 months ago.

BTW Taylor has a test batting average of 43.57 which is very good. Not too many NZ test batsmen average over 40.

Anonymous said...

so we have the genius of justin vaughan followed by the brilliance of david white...

what is the board of nzc up to?


Edward the Confessor said...

Great. So now thanks to the incompetence of Hesson and NZC we're about to tour South Africa with a new captain who hasn't scored a test hundred since 2010 and without our best batsman, who led the side to victory in its last test match. Genius.

Anonymous said...

@ Edward - who said it was incompetence? McCullum's Mafia have been working for this result since before Taylor was given the captaincy by John Wright (interesting that Wright valued Ross over BMac!).

David Cunliffe could learn a thing or two about how to stage a successful coup from Mac's Mafia:
- get a manager with form for knifing down opponents (Flem has disposed of what.... 4 coaches and 2 captains at least?)
- buddy up to your former captain Vettori, who was mentored and 'hand-picked' as future captain at young age by your manager.
- practise makes perfect - oust a coach or two; no-one will miss a humble guy like Andy Moles, will they?
- engineer your manager onto the selection panel, and your old provincial coach and bestest buddy in as new coach.
- run a whispering campaign in the sports media with ex players like Nash and sympathetic journos, who all claim the Black Caps poor batting can be solved by promoting the most mercurial batsman to lead.
- wait til your form is so poor (barely averaging 30) that you are in danger of being dropped, then get a bunch of other about to go-sters (Mills, Oram, et al) and tell coachy to get back-stabby.

Think I'm being harsh? Review the mainstream media coverage of Andy Moles getting stabbed down - same theme; Moles was new to the job, had done nothing wrong, came with good credentials, and no credible criticism of his performance was made! Just like Rosscoe.

The elephant in the room is BMac's ego and Fleming's frightening level of Machiavellian influence.

I was never a fan of Taylor's but he has done well, and should be re-appointed, and McCullum and Fleming escorted off the NZC premises. Their destabilising influence is the real cause of our poor performance (okay, the batting too ;) )

Ironically, Taylor has shown his captaincy skills in his sacking - he has:
- remained calm, polite and diplomatic
- accepted his demotion with good grace
- reiterated his commitment to NZC
- but took time off the SA tour, leaving BMac to show how well he can perform without our best test batsman ;)
- left himself well placed to be brought back should BMac fail badly, as seems likely against the best side in the world!

Who needs NZ politics when we have NZ cricket? :)

Mad Marxist.

malayalam sms said...

More money in the team than talent. Let us start blaming the IPL first. Whilst the tournament gave an opportunity to all participants to hone their skills, the Indian only extracted the money from it. International participants have all become better players especially the Australians. Indians were the only exception. Time for a revamp. Start the elimination using the age facto

Keeping Stock said...

Interesting comment Mad Marxist. I had thought along the same lines (the similarities to the Labour Party), but had bitten my tongue lest I be accused of politicising the wonderful game.

However the Dom-Post's editor has done that anyway; check back in an hour or so.

Calvin Brock said...

UPDATED: David White has confirmed that Ross Taylor will not tour South Africa with the Black Caps in December/January, but that he may return for the home series against England. White rubber-stamped Mike Hesson's split-captaincy recommendation, which would have seen Taylor retain the test captaincy whilst Brendon McCullum became captain of the ODI and T20 teams.Cricket

Calvin Brock said...

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