Friday, November 9, 2012

Why did you do it Shane?

The albatross that is Bill Liu continues to drag Shane Jones down. The Herald today has another story on the case, along with a very damaging e-mail exchange between senior public servants. 

The story can be found here, but what follows is the kind of information that could have career-limiting implications for Shane Jones; check this out:

Emails, Aug 7, 2008
Between Immigration NZ investigator Russell Ogilvy and DIA investigator Bruce Ross after being told Shane Jones granted citizenship to Yang Liu.
"Thanks Bruce. Can you please confirm to me that:
1. You had recommended in your report to the Minister of Internal Affairs that Liu should be declined his application for citizenship.
2. You recommended to Mr Jones that he speak to his own department regarding the decision."

"Hello Russell, in answer to your questions:
1. The department recommended that Mr Liu be DECLINED the grant of citizenship.
2. The minister was advised of both the pending police and INZ investigation (of which he is associate minister)."

Here is clear evidence from public servants that Shane Jones knew that Bill Liu was being investigated by both Immigration New Zealand and the New Zealand Police, AND that the Department of Internal Affairs had recommended to Jones that Liu's application for citizenship be declined.

So the question has to be asked; why did you do it Shane? Can anyone suggest an adequate answer?

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TCrwdb said...

Corruption had become part of the culture of the Clark government, so why wouldn't he?