Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's not a laughing matter Kim

Kim Dotcom provides a few moments of mirth on Twitter. But his sense of humour this afternoon has missed the mark; check this out:

Sorry Kim; there's nothing funny at all about rape; ever. It's not a laughing matter.


Anonymous said...

It's a pretty terrible joke, but we shouldn't declare certain topics out of bounds under any circumstances, it's all about context

Anonymous said...

Its not a joke its exactly what they are doing to assange


Anonymous said...

Who said it was a joke? Allegations of rape are probably the only thing Dot Com has not been accused of yet - watch that space though. Someone will give it a go to discredit him - In the same way they are trying to discredit Assange.

.......And anonymous bloggers are cowards.

Dave Sherry

Keeping Stock said...

@ Dave - it was part of a flippant series of tweets that Dotcom put up late on Saturday afternoon.

Having a close family member who has been raped, I failed to see the funny side.

Mark Hubbard said...

There are much bigger issues here, which I address in my own blog, which I have the courage to run without anonymity. My post at following link: no thanks, I don't want the humour Taliban.

Anonymous said...

Rape is violation. It is immoral and repugnant.

Abuse of words and emotion is what Kim Dotcom seems to be hinting at.

If so, for those who are offended that Dotcom is joking about rape, your offence is misplaced: you should be offended those around the world, including most media organisations, who abuse your moral sensibilities by referring to Julian Assange as a "rapist", Assange having "raped" anybody, etc.

So, you need to look a little further than the soundbite(s).

Get it?

Keeping Stock said...

@ Mark - I have responded on your post

@ Anon (9.35am) - the fact that Dotcom has deleted the tweet in question suggests that he might have had second thought. FWIW, I have never referred to Assange as a rapist. I've just searched my archives, and there are only two posts out of more than 6500 on the blog which refer to Assange at all!

And check out the second paragraph of my 8.54am comment; it might give you context as to why I took offence to Dotcom's attempted humour. Rape is never funny.

Steve said...

Wrong. Rape can be funny. Just imagine Elmer Fudd raping Porky Pig. There you go

WAKE UP said...

The unravelling of Kim Dotcom hasn't even started yet, and there will eventually be tears before bedtime for some of his more rabid current entusiasts.

Anonymous said...


I don't seek to minimise or otherwise dismiss your, or indeed anybody's, encounter with being violated. As I noted at the outset, it is immoral and unacceptable.

My point was simply that Dotcom was likely referring to Assange's situation. Assuming this, you shouldn't take offence at Dotcom's tweet, and neither should anyone who has been raped.

Rather, you should be offended by those who mis-use the word, or harness the moral condemnation of rape for political/economic purposes.

Interestingly, the fact that Dotcom has apparently deleted the tweet in question (why?) indicates that he is not the PR/media guru that some have suggested. No doubt that he has a sense of what it takes to get people's attention but this doesn't necessarily equate to having a good sense of judgement.

I hope that clarifies things.