Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wethinks he doth protest too much

Over at Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Robert Winter blogs:

She's a wayward force in National. Already she's had to be quietened down once or twice and told to learn the game before she spouts off. Now she's taking gratuitous pot-shots at Ms Ardern on the parental leave issue, presumably arguing that you can have no position in parental leave if you have no children. It's a nasty politics, especially when an issue of consequence is being discussed. It's par for the Barry course, and won't endear her to many voters who see parental leave as important. Mind you, National and its wealthy cohorts can't see the issue anyway - when you can afford nannies and the like, what's the problem? And here we have a government ready to spend millions on privatisation for its mates, yet baulks in financial terms at measures that help families in important transitional periods.

Now Robert Winter is a long-time Labour Party supporter and activist. So it's no surprise to see him defending the honour of Ms Ardern, who is of course considered by some to be the next Helen Clark.

Unfortunately for Robert however, his outrage is a little faux when you consider some of the venom that Labour has dished out in recent years including:

  • Slagged off Sir Peter "The Mad Butcher" Leitch for daring to endorse John Key
  • Described members of a religious group as "chinless scarf-wearers"
  • Frequently taunted a National MP with depression with "Take your pills"
  • Described the PM as "the greasy little fella in the blue suit"
  • Mocked Pansy Wong's accent
  • Called the Leader of the Opposition a "scumbag" and a "rich prick"
  • Referred to a former opposition leader's alleged extra-marital affairs
  • Assaulting an opposition MP, and
  • As recently as yesterday, describing the National Party's conference at the weekend as the "Nuremburg Rally"
So wethinks Robert doth protest too much. Parliament is a robust place and is not for the faint-of-heart. Whilst Maggie Barry's comments towards Jacinda Ardern may have been borderline, they are underlined by fact; a childless person cannot fully comprehend what parents experience.

And unfortunately for Robert, whose opinion we normally respect even if we disagree with it, he goes on just one sentence too long; we omitted this final sentence from the extract above:

A charming lot, the National government, with none so attractive as the venomous Ms Barry 

So much for the moral high ground.


Spinoza said...

This post is just cheap nonsense.

On the frequent occasions when the Nats get nasty they use proxies like Slater so there's some plausible deniability and no need to self-censor. Care to quote some of his abusive bile? No? He's a hero of yours isn't he?

Sanctuary said...

I wouldn't call the National Party conference a "Nuremburg Rally." That is insult to the Nazis, who at least could put on a bit of a show and who had some sort of vision.

The National Party conference was more like a talentless provincial evangelical church meeting, where everyone tunelessly sings Kumbaya in the sure knowledge they are going to win lotto tonight.

Bunk said...

The next Helen Clark??? God help us. Oh well I guess she has the teeth for it

Spinoza said...

Hmmm. Given your low tolerance for abusive comments IV2, I guess you're going to have to delete Bunk's sad effort. Unless there's one rule for those who agree with you and one for normal people.

Keeping Stock said...

Borderline comment Bunk; let's leave the personal stuff for those who excel in it...

The Gantt Guy said...

Inv, it is a well-known fact that leftists are delicate wee flowers. Why, merely bring up that their corrupt ideology was responsible for the murder of more than 150 million people in the 20th century and they go into a melodramatic meltdown!

I, with all due respect, completely reject your assertion that any thinking person (which by definition excludes most leftists) could consider Ms Ardern (or "My Little Pony" to her friends) is or could in any way be the next Klarkenfuhrer. She is a giggling, semi-literate fool with the intellect and emotional development of your average 5th former. She has all of the personality of a cube of tofu. And even were she so minded, why on earth if she presented at the Crossroads and sought a deal, would the devil contract with her? What could she possibly offer? At least after the 9 years of darkness the Dear Leader has successfully destroyed one country and now, having purchased a sinecure at the UN is in place for the devil to do his dirty work on a global scale!

But that said, it isn't just leftists who are delicate wee things. Plenty of Key-Worshippers here on the blogosphere (one of your colleagues at a particular place particularly) get very emotional when one questions even one aspect of Key's (lack of) vision, strategy or program.

So, it isn't just the hard left with a glass jaw, it's the tribal types on the moderate left as well.

Edward the Confessor said...

Godwinned another thread with that boring, predictable and abusive rant, Gantt.

Do you do that on purpose or do you have a form of tourettes?

Robert Winter said...

On reflection, perhaps "venomous" was a little too strong - the trite and predictable" would have been better.

But the point remains: if it is unacceptable for Labour to make personal attacks, so it must be for National.

All in all said...

The issue is Maggie Barry's nasty comments. As usual you have turned the discussion to Labour's MPs. This is the method you always employ to divert discussion from any National MP's nasty behaviour. Every time the same. National MP acts nasty, let's talk about Labour MPs, they're nasty too. Pathetic.