Monday, July 9, 2012

Haven't we heard this before?

Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove probably isn't feeling too favourably disposed towards his deputy leader Grant Robertson this morning. In a lengthy story about the Independent Fisheries donation, Tracy Watkins notes in the Dom-Post:

Last night, Labour was standing by Mr Cosgrove, and said the only thing he was guilty of was helping his constituents.
Deputy leader Grant Robertson said Mr Cosgrove had done what Labour expected of its MPs by trying to help "hundreds of constituents".
"He did what Clayton does as a straight-up MP – worked hard on their behalf, tried to find a solution for them ... he was motivated by finding the best outcome for one of his constituents." 

That's a very unfortunate choice of words by Grant Robertson, although whether the words were a slip of the tongue or carefully chosen is open to debate. But just remember what happened to the last Labour MP who was only guilty of "helping his constituents".

Now we're not suggesting for one moment that Clayton Cosgrove is in the same league as Phillip Field. But Grant Robertson's choice of words of support is unfortunate at best, or just possibly, very pointed directed. After all, not many Labour electorate MP's have donors prepared to bankroll their local campaigns to this level; usually it's the other team that is accused of trying to help its rich mates. 


Mark D said...

The other suprising slip, note how he carefully says 'trying to help "hundreds of constituents"', but later on slips up with 'motivated by finding the best outcome for one of his constituents'.
So who was the one constituent he was motivated to help? With friends like Grant Robertson, who needs enemies.

JWilliams said...

Can a list member (as Cosgrove is now) have 'constituents' ??

Keeping Stock said...

Very good point JWilliams. A commenter yesterday suggested that Cosgrove would be happy to be judged by the public. In response, I replied that he already had been; when he lost the fortress seat of Waimakiriri on 26/11/11.

homepaddock said...

If a National MP was "just trying to help constituents" in this way Labour would be calling for a demotion if not resignation.

Keeping Stock said...

Quite so Ele; case in point; Nick Smith.

Michael said...

Does anyone one know why a fishing company owned land near the airport for residential development?