Friday, May 18, 2012

Trevor Wiggle Caption Contest

Scott at Imperator Fish has written a brilliant blog-post on the demise and ressurrection of The Wiggles. We won't steal his thunder by quoting any of it, but it's hilarious; read it here.

We have however flogged this photograph:

You know the rules; brief, pity, funny, and don't get overly personal. We can only conclude that Trevor needs the gig to pay for his legal fees.

Give it your best shot!



Jeremy Parkinson said...

Now I know where they put that Heiniken bottle!

James Stephenson said...

Dorothy no longer the only dinosaur on the Wiggles.

"I'm going to recruit Darren as the new Captain Feathersword"

"I'm only in it for the yummy mummies."

Judith Collins surprised that Trev hasn't been made Yellow Wiggle.

Trotty said...

I just pooed my pants!uldros

Michael said...

Now I can scalp to the next generatiom!