Saturday, May 19, 2012

Threatened for telling the truth

Pete George spends a bit of time on the blogs. And he's hit a bit of a snag over at The Standard where free speech is the sole preserve of those who subscribe to the Leftist rhetoric of the blog's many and anonymous authors.

It's all going on in this post; under the heading Dunne angry "Eddie" blogs:

Underneath the ‘common-sense’ exterior, and all that hair, Peter Dunne is an angry man. He lashed out that those who pointed out he’s voting for asset sales he never told his electorate he would support. He screamed at losing TVNZ7 – Backbenches is his one chance to get on the telly. And he’s going feral on the Conservatives because they could usurp him.
Dunne knows his only route to continued relevancy is to hope that National gets back in and he can continue to be a limpid on their side. But a new, larger limpid could take his place. What then for Dunne?
And, Dunne knows there’s a lot of cross-over with his policies and the Conservatives. Indeed, its Christian base was once part of United Future and ex-UF MP Gordon Copeland was on the Conservatives’ list. With a thin majority, Dunne knows he could easily be unseated if the Conservatives take even only a few hundred votes from him in Ohariu.
No wonder Dunne’s blood pressure is up. His little micro-niche in the political ecological is under threat.
Oh, and if you think Dunne’s angry now, just wait until Operation Ohariu.

Pete George was the first to respond to "Eddie's" untruths with this comment:

I’m calling bullshit on that, it’s been shown many times that Dunne’s (and UF’s) position was clear to anyone who cared to take any notice prior to the election.
Repeating this accusation is either blatant ignorance, or…
It’s not Dunne who’s angry, it’s a handful of unionists who keep trying to overturn the election result because they failed in November.

Pete George's comment drew this "bold-type" response from "Eddie"

[three choices. Present evidence Dunne explicitly said he would support the partial sale of the energy companies and air nz, withdraw your comment, or face a three month ban. You know perfectly well the UF strategy was to never explicitly endorse any sales but, rather, to rule out sales that aren't on the table, thereby misleading the public on your position on the actual asset sales. You did it yourself here. If Dunne accidentally revealed the truth even once I didn't see it and nor did anyone in Ohariu. Eddie]

Despite having subsequently presented the evidence requested by "Eddie", the threat of a ban hangs over Pete George's head. It says much for the standards at The Standard that people could get banned for something as bad as for telling the truth, however unpalatable it might be.

UPDATE: DPF has more on the extent to which "Eddie" and his/her mate Zetitic have been exposed by Pete George.

Footnote: We've put the name "Eddie" in inverted commas for good reason. There are several variants of Eddie, including Labour Party staffers. Merely suggesting that once copped us a six-month ban from The Standard; we didn't name any names; just raised the possibility. We must have it a raw nerve. We don't know who the current "Eddie" is, but if blogosphere chatter is to be believed, it could just be a Labour Party MP who gets in touble when he says things under his own name; we stress; could!


George Peter said...

Tidy up your own back yard "Inv2". Hypocrisy is ugly.

Keeping Stock said...

Go away Guyton, and stop playing games with names.

jabba said...

is bOOby still hanging around .. he is like philu really in that they have their own blogs but nobody reads them.
I would wear a ban from the subStandard with pride

James Stephenson said...

On related matters, I followed a bit of self-promotion by this fella from KB the other day, I think he should be added to the blogroll KS:

Keeping Stock said...

Cheers for that James; duly added.

Another post over the weekend would be great, as I'm otherwise engaged to some degree!

James Stephenson said...

I'll see what I can rustle up...Grade 6 football and a review of the bakery on Michaels Ave - bloody good apricot danish.

Pete George said...

[Pete, congrats on tracking down the one time Dunne's strategy slipped and he admitted he would support National's asset sales. It took you along time and no-one else had been able to find such a quote. So, congratulations, you've proved that Dunne accidentally told the truth once in a forum that no-one noticed. Ban rescinded. Eddie]

That's a pretty dishonest non-retraction, when obviously Eddie knew before then election what Dunne's position was on asset sales. But maybe that was the other Eddie.

I've followed up here:

robertguyton said...

Dear Keeping Stock

I still, for my sins, visit and read your blog but am becoming unhappy with your constant smearing of my name. At 11:01, you do it again, quite erroneously. I should 'go Judith' on you and demand an apology for false accusations. Instead I'll ask, could you please ensure that your accusations are correct before making them? Just because anonymous comments are 'in my style' does not mean I made them. You've made that claim on several occasions and been quite wrong. Obviously (to me anyway) there are people who use that style, perhaps knowing I'll cop the blame, but really KS, your churlish 'go away Guyton' calls are both wrong and , dare I say it, childish? I can see that it inflames the ever-over-heated jabba, but I'm guessing your readers are bored by it and I'm certainly over it.

Keeping Stock said...

I'm pleased you're over it Robert, because I'm over people who write in a style very similar to yours trolling around here. So perhaps the person who's hell-bent on getting you into strife will cease and desist, then we can all get some sleep! Have a nice day.

Tilley Confeste. said...

Wow "INV2" Nerve? Raw? Much?
And to blame and wrongly attack someone in a knee jerk response, failing to apologize for it, all the while forgetting to look at oneself before leveling such hypocritical replies...
Crosby? Textor? Much?

Judge Holden said...

The stress of shilling full time for a bunch of incompetents and liars like McCully, Joyce, Banks, Brownlee and Collins would get to anyone.