Wednesday, May 16, 2012

UPDATED: Spot the dodgy carpet guy

UPDATE: There's been a sequel to the Target story on the dodgy carpet cleaner; the Herald reports:

A tradesman allegedly caught by TV3 cameras committing an indecent act at a customer's home was granted name suppression when he appeared in court today.
The carpet cleaner at the centre of a hidden camera sting by the Target consumer affairs show appeared in Manukau District Court this morning on charges of burglary and wilfully accessing a computer.
He was bailed to reappear on June 6, TV3 reported.
More charges could follow.
The Target episode, which aired last night, appeared to show the man going through the drawers of a Target actor posing as a customer, looking at her personal photos, rifling through her laundry bag and sniffing her underwear.
The man then appeared to switch on a computer where he allegedly accessed pornography before masturbating into the woman's underwear, which he then returned to her laundry basket.
Target said its producers handed the footage to police because of the "extreme nature of his behaviour''.


If you haven't seen the Target programme last night with the very dodgy carpet cleaner, check it out here. Be warned though; it's not especially pleasant.

This matter is now in the hands of the police. Full credit to the team from Target for taking that step. This man's behaviour was offensive in the extreme, a gross abuse of trust, and at worst case, indicative of a man with serious problems.

UPDATE: The video now works!

Footnote: There are plenty of places where this show is currently being discussed. Because it's an active police matter, no comments will be accepted.

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