Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Social media has this story before either the Herald or Stuff; TVNZ's Europe reporter Garth Bray reports via Twitter:

BREAKING verdict: Elliot Turner GUILTY of MURDER jury can't agree on parents: judge offers majority verdict sends them back.

He later updates:

BREAKING verdict: Leigh & Anita Turner GUILTY of perverting the course of justice, by 10 votes to 2.

The evidence against Elliot Turner seemd overwhelming, so the guilty plea is no real surprise, but it will be an enormous relief to Emily Longley's family. Our thoughts, prayers and aroha are with them this morning.

Turner is a nasty piece of work; a British version of Clayton Weatherston, blaming everyone else for the situation he is in. In secretly recorded conversations, he wailed that Ms Longley had ruined his life.  He clearly controlled his parents, leading to them joining him in the dock.

Elliot Turner has boasted that he could do a prison sentence for murder, and still walk out as a millionaire. His bravado is about to get put to the test, and he may just discover that he isn't as tough as he likes to think. He will only have himself to blame, and he will have plenty of time to ponder the consequences of his selfishness, jealousy and violence.

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