Sunday, May 20, 2012

Be careful what you wish for...

Leo Gao, the alleged "Runaway Millionaire" has gone public; the Herald reports:

So-called runaway millionaire Leo Gao has broken his silence to tell of his conflicting emotions over watching his former lover and alleged accomplice face justice this week.
Hui "Leo" Gao, 31, is banned by a court order from having any contact with Kara Hurring and said the situation was "very hard".
Asked if he still had feelings for her, he replied: "Of course, she is the mother of my children. I want to wish her well. And say 'good luck'. She is innocent," he said, the day before she was convicted on Friday of 30 charges related to the missing millions.
The Herald on Sunday tracked down Gao to the Auckland address where he is on bail awaiting his trial.
Gao said he was looking forward to the chance to clear his name when he faces trial for 16 charges of theft and two charges of money-laundering in relation to the $10m that was mistakenly placed in his bank account.
"I would like to because you know there is always another side," he said. "I have been judged by everyone."
However, Gao refused to say what he had done with the missing $6.8m.
"You find out," he said. "I have to go now."

Now bearing in mind that the Herald interviwed Gao BEFORE Ms Hurring was found guilty on Friday, we'd suggest that he be very careful what he wishes for. After all, it only took the jury trying his former partner an hour to find her guilty of 30 charges; just two minutes of deliberation per charge!

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