Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Unoccupy Dunedin

The Occupy Dunedin protest is over; the Herald reports:

Occupy Dunedin is occupying the Dunedin Octagon no more, with the protesters pulling down their tents and tarpaulins in the city centre today.

The handful of remaining protesters have this afternoon ended their 66-day occupation of the Octagon for the Christmas period and foreseeable future.

It was unclear whether they would return, or what the next phase would entail, member Kieran Trass told the Otago Daily Times this afternoon.

"This is not a battle to be won in the media."

The Occupy movement seems to have run out of steam in a number of places. With luck, the Auckland Council will be granted a permanent injunction any day now which will allow them to evict the protesters who have taken over (and damged) Aotea Square since mid-October.

The lure of Christmas at home must have been too strong for the Dunedin mob, and so they have departed. Let's hope that their counterparts around the country are similarly filled with so much Christmas cheers that they feel compelled to pack up and go home. It would be the best Christmas present that Len Brown especially could receive!


Anonymous said...

And that's what happens when you ban quiet protest: it doesn't make people shut up, it doesn't make the issue go away, it simply makes them angry and invites more disruptive methods to get the message across.

pdm said...

I would have thought the protestes were well past the disruptive stage already. Dirty, smelly and stopping people going about their daiy business.

What is more most of those professional protesters and layabouts had no idea what they were protesting about.

Sugu said...

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Sthn.Jeff said...

It is funny, I wonder if Spokesman Kieran Trass would be involved in this movement had he not lost all his $'s due to property deals goone wrong. More a sense of bitterness than raging against the capitalist machine I think!