Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clare owns the message

Clare Curran has been stung by a column in the Otago Daily Times. Dr Bryce Edwards from Otago University was recently critical of her for losing the party vote in her Dunedin electorate; a Labour stronghold. So she has written a column in the ODT rebutting Edwards' allegations. And near the close, she writes:

And finally, I have worked for three years to build stronger channels of open communication between politicians and people using the internet as a medium. Labour developed Red Alert, the first MP's blog where Labour MPs write freely their thoughts on issues and allow the public to comment and engage with them. This is revolutionary. Many MPs are also using Facebook and Twitter to communicate directly with people. I have helped to lead that change.

Ah; Red Alert. We haven't commented there since Clare Curran banned us on 26th September when we made a cheeky, playful comment on a thread by Clare parodying John Key in the "nek minnit" genre. What we said was this:

Phil Goff sold $9b worth of assets in the 1980's; nek minnit...

A number of commenters came to our defence, claiming that Clare over-reacted, which of course we believe she did. She replied thus to one of them:

Clare Curran says:

Jem and others: Inventory2 was banned for several reasons. He was personally offensive and he lied. A number of others who comment regularly in a similar vein are running close to the line and are on notice.

Now, history will forever record the FACT that the Lange/Palmer/Moore Labour government sold 17 assets between 1984 and 1990, for a total cost of $9.49 billion. Indeed, we have chronicled those sales on Keeping Stock. So quite where the personally offensive comment and the lie is, we're not quite sure. But Clare Curran promotes the doctrine of owning the message, and if that's the message she took from an inoffensive and ironic comment, good on her.

So we reckon that it's a bit rich that Ms Curran rates Red Alert as one of her crowning glories. Just read the two pages of comments in the thread we've linked to above, and count how many have either been censored or have seen their authors banned. That's Clare and Grant Robertson putting the "own the message" doctrine into practise, and shows that Labour was at that point (and probably still is) a long way from understanding the message that the public owned and sent to Labour in November 2008, then repeated on 26/11/2011 (with a 27% explanation mark).

And as for being the MP who encouraged other MP's to campaign via Facebook and Twitter; when one looks at the efforts of the like of Trevor Mallard, Sue Moroney and Darien Fenton, it's not something that Clare should be boasting about.


Anonymous said...

You got banned because of your behaviour. Suck it up.

Keeping Stock said...

Yeah, whatever Clare!

Anonymous said...

Why have you changed your name from Inventory2 to Keeping Stock?

Ross said...

Clare, and fellow labour 'message' owners:

Sad little people in a sad little party

Anonymous said...

Take it on the chin KS!
Whining is a bad look and puts people off.

James Stephenson said...

Is it whining to point out the disconnect between this supposed "open communication" that Clare has fostered and her running around with a big banning stick?

Having met her...well, if she's as smart as she thinks she is, she's really good at hiding it so she doesn't intimidate us plebs.

Keeping Stock said...

Cheers for that James; a little bit of history was necessary to illustrate my point, and if it came across as "whining", it was unintentional. I wear my banning by Red Alert AND The Standard as badges of honour, but that's not going to stop me getting a gentle dig in now and then!

MY take on my history and life, as seen through my eyes. said...

Nek Minute

Falafulu Fisi said...

Clare is the most dumbest MP I've ever seen entering Parliament. Clare makes Green MP, Catherine Delahunty looks like she's (Delahunty) got a PhD.

I've been banned from Red Alert since mid year last year (2010). The only reason they banned people is because their bloggers are dumb. They don't have the knowledge to debate the issues intellectually, so the easy option for them is to ban or block someone who they can't reply/argue/refute his/her argument.

gravedodger said...

Compare the fearless inane comments with those that have an ID albeit unidentifiable.

Notice a trend?

Keep up keeping stock.

Lofty said...

Anonymous asks why you have changed your name.

Why has Clare changed hers to anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Answering a question with a question Lofty?
Very clever indeed. I was almost fooled by that. I suppose it beats Inventory 2's answer which was silence.
Whining and hiding away from questions!

Anonymous said...

"Clare is the most dumbest..."

Mark said...

I only need to look to the Young Nats Southern Region summary of her opinion piece, which sums it up quite succinctly

"Actually Clare, you were significantly and substantially out-campaigned by a dedicated team who, against the odds in a very red city and electorate, managed to turn it blue.

Perhaps by starting out in recognising that "Dunedin South" does not wholly and entirely consist of "South Dunedin", you might be able to start regaining the confidence of the thousands who abandoned Labour and chose a brighter future."

I also can't help but notice she says "It's important to accept accountability for the election result in Dunedin South. The buck stops with me, and Labour, while winning the seat, lost the party vote." but then proceeds to blame everybody and everything else except herself.

With an attitude like that I have no doubt the voters of Dunedin South (not South D, as Clare would no doubt prefer) will be disappointed only with the fact that they re-elected her.

Keeping Stock said...

Well said Mark

RightNow said...

Clare Curran is a modern day Nurse Ratched presiding over the inmates of Red A-la-la-Land.
You did well to escape.
Still, it can be fun to lurk from time to time, especially now as they're all so butt-hurt.

Sublime said...

The Red Alert flunkies went ahead and banned maybe the most respectful right-wing commentator in New Zealand over nothing more than some political banter.

Says a lot about Clare Curran and her moderating mates on the blog.

Who controls the past contr...

Anonymous said...

Curran's the new Bilious B*tch and deserves all the bile we can drench her with for the callous way she treated our I2!!
Inventory2 (now Keeping Stock) is the finest, most honourable blogger on line and to ban him is an unforgivable insult to all that is decent. Curran is a a callous silent 't'. Let's do as I2 once urged, and flood her blog with our outrage! Bring her down to the gutter which is her natural home!
Socialist Jezebel!

Anonymous said...

Good on you IV2. I never go near Red Alert after being tossed out of the Standard years ago I prefer to simply ignore the deluded Left.