Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where's Winston

NZ First announced its party list yesterday, and it wouldn't be NZ First without Winston first on the list.

But in a break with tradition, Peters isn't standing in an electorate; he will be a list-only MP. In order to do that, NZ First has had to change its rules, which have since the inception of MMP required ALL list candidates to be electorate candidates as well.

Peters told TVNZ's Q&A programme in July that the rules had been changed to exempt the leader and his deputy, but as David "Happy Feet" Farrar noted yesterday at Kiwiblog, the rule change doesn't seem to have been filed with the Electoral Commission yet, despite it having been made at least three months ago.

This suggests that all is not well within NZ First. Winston Peters is having to put all his eggs in one basket, and hope that his party crosses the 5% MMP threshhold. Almost all the polls are suggesting that won't happen, and that it won't happen by some margin. We reckon that's great news for the integrity of the political process.

Is the demise of Winston Peters and NZ First a mere 25 days away?


homepaddock said...

The demise a mere 25 days away? Here's hoping you're right.

Inventory2 said...

We can but keep everything crossed Ele. To be honest, I'd feel a lot happier about MMP without a Winston-like presence lurking on the sidelines; remember the charade post-election in 1996?

Quintin Hogg said...

I think it will be Winstons last hurrah.

Why? 2 reasons.

His demographic is passing away - literally.

He has been out of sight and therefore out of mind.

This is exemplified by his not standing in Tauranga which was his "rotten borough" for many years.

If he can't win there he won't win anywhere.

He's a nice bloke in person and a great raconteur but as a politician he leaves me cold.

Sthn.Jeff said...

The proble he faces with his consituency is that he is now "one of them" ie a grey heaired wrinkly pensioner. He is no longer the dapper young man who oldies loved

Sir Loin said...

Wasn't his demise 3 years ago ?

Worrying about Winston is a sign of old age :-)

Surely the Mana party is more of a concern ? A group of lunatics wandering around parliament tagging the walls of the debating chamber.

With ACT about to be carted off to the mortuary, National be forced into a shotgun wedding with the sandal wearers.

homepaddock said...

"remember the charade post-election in 1996?"

Yes and several more examples of grandstanding and even worse behaviour subsequently.

Sir Loin has a point, Hone and his mates would be just as bad.