Saturday, November 26, 2011

Election Night Special; live blogging

11.30pm - John Key arrives at National Party HQ to address the crowd; the money line; "For another three years there will be a National-led government"! On that note we can happily sign off for the evening!!

11.15pm - Paula Bennett holds Waitakere, and Carmel Sepuloni joins Kelvin Davis and Stuart Nash in looking for work. And Clayton Cosgrove is now a list MP; Kate Wilkinson wins Waimakariri.

11.05pm - Just a turnout of 65% today. For those of you who didn't vote; you get the government you deserve.

11.00pm - a TIE in Christchurch Central; has that EVER happened before?

10.55pm - Fighting talk from Phil Goff, even though he has rung John Key and conceded. He's now telling reporters he's made a decision, but will talk to his caucus about it first.

10.45pm - Goff has arrived at Labour HQ; this will be interesting...

10.40pm - Don Brash will tender his resignation as Act Party leader tomorrow

10.35pm - Russel Norman is cock-a-hoop with the Greens now having 13 MP's; congratulations to the Greens; now the rubber will have to meet the road.

10.30pm - Paula Bennett has squeezed ahead of Carmel Sepuloni in Waitakere; that'll be the end for Sepuloni.

10.15pm - Peter Dunne seems to have retained Ohariu, which gives John Key another ally. National will have more MP's than ever before, and Labour has taken a pounding.

9.55pm - John Banks now has a 2000 margin in Epsom; the cuppa worked! And Nikki Kaye has a good margin in Akld Central over Jacinda Ardern.

9.45pm - Winston gives his victory speech; he's back!

9.35pm - John Banks has opened up quite a big lead in Epsom; likewise Peter Dunne in Ohariu.

9.30pm - Is Phil Goff heading into town. Labour seems poised to lose a quarter of its caucus. And who are #'s 7, 8 and 9 on Winston's List?

9.15pm - Having Internet issues; grrrr! But our issues are tiny compared to Labour's

8.35pm - 12% of the vote counted Nationwide, and National has surged to 50.6%; Labour is surging in the other direction; 25.5%.

8.25pm - National's party vote has just moved up to 50.1%; Labour is at 26% and dropping. Winston's coming back, and the Greens look once again to be falling short of some impressive poll results.

8.10pm - Peter Dunne has an early lead in Ohariu; good news for National's prospects. Kate Wilkinson leads Clayton Cosgrove in Waimakariri and Nicky Wagner leads Brendan Burns in Chch Central

8.00pm - Jonathan Young almost 1000 ahead of Andrew Little in New Plymouth; bewdy!

7.55pm - Switched to TV3 for a while; their coverage of electorate results is superior

7.45pm - John Banks leads Epsom by 401 with 6% counted

7.15pm - The first counts of the advance votes have been released. It looks as though MMP will be with us for some time to come; bugger!


It's 7pm, and the polls have just closed. Election Day staff will shut the doors, open the ballot boxes, and start counting very soon.

The Electoral Commission reports that over 300,000 advance votes have been cast; up around 20% on 2008. Those results are expected to be available by 8.30pm, which will probably give us our first real indication of how things are going to pan out tonight

Stand by; it's all about to unfold. Who will be winners, and who will be losers? We'll have the news as it comes to hand, live from the couch at the Keeping Stock whare!


Whafe said...

Bring it on.....

Can't wait to see how it rolls out tonight....

Am predicting that NZ First will NOT make the 5%

Am predicting that Banks will come through in Epsom, and ACT lives...

National will hit 50% am sure....

jabba said...

Dyson No 5, Shearer no 31 and so much deadwood in between

Ross said...

It will be a fascinating evening for sure.

Thank you for all your commentary over the past month . It has been informative and raised real issues during the election campaign.

Well done.

Quintin Hogg said...

Go Paula.

Labour is toast.

NZ First will be entertainment value. What fun.

Where is the $158K Winston.

jabba said...

the Nats won BUT I'm not happy at all. I want the names of all those who voted for peters

Keeping Stock said...

It's all good Jabba; Winston's crowd will be as useless as tits on a bull, and when Winston goes, so does Winston First.

TruthOverfaith said...

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Thank You!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of tossers huh?

Banksie said...

Yeah good one whafe you jerk! Ha ha just joshing. No, but really what a dick. No kidding. Ha ha. Knob. No seriously just joshing. John banks forever!