Sunday, September 18, 2011

Christian Music Sunday - 18 September 2011

That's the view from our new abode as the sun was setting last night. We're rural folk now, and the peace and quiet this morning has been deafening!

It's great to be moving in the spring, when new life abounds. There are lambs in the paddocks across the valley, and a cow and her calves nearby. The grass is green and lush, new growth is sprouting on the willows and poplars all around, and the fruit trees in our little orchard are covered in blossom.

So this morning we reflect on God's goodness, and on the gift of life. And when we do that, this song frequently comes to mind:

You ARE amazing God!


robertguyton said...

Won't be long til you're listening to John Denver, day in, day out, country boy (perhaps you always have!)
I'm looking forward to some relaxed, laid back posts from you now Inv2. We've all had just about enough of your stressed-out citified political mumbo-jumbo.
Tell us about your flower-beds. And larks and the humble bumble bee.
Looks like a nice spot.

jonno1 said...

Congrats on the move Inv2. Is that your private airstrip in the valley? :)
Enjoyed the song too, one of the best reminding us of the beauty of creation and of God's unchanging love. And no, I'm not a "creationist" in the extreme, anti-evolution, sense, just one who acknowledges God's role in the universe as well as in my life.

God said...

Thank you INV2. I often read your blog and while I disagree with almost everything you believe, I must admit you've got this one right. I AM A-MAZ-ING!!

Worship me harder you mere mortal! Fear me and pray pray pray knowing that my plans are so unimportant I'm willing to change them for individuals. When I feel like it. Or not. Like, maybe if you ask for more money, (but not to be cured).


Inventory2 said...

@ Robert - let's just say that C&W isn't my favourite music genre. But relaxed; you betcha! I'll be in touch about the orchard some time once I find out what's what, but we've got all different shades of blossoms at the moment.

@ Jonno - an airstrip? Nice thought, but even God wouldn't be THAT gracious!!

jonno1 said...

@god - well, you got that pretty close to the mark. God IS amazing, is at the centre of his universe, and everything he does ultimately revolves around him. So our worship is for his sake, not our own. And it's true his answers to prayer are not always what we expect or would like, but hey, he's God and we're not, so I guess he knows best.

Anonymous said...

Jonno I think it's cool your god is so keen on worship (from the people he created) for his own sake. What a terrific god. So zeuss-like!

@god, what sayest thou?

God said...

Honestly, it's embarrassing they've invented me and then say things are done for my sake and in my name. I'd prefer to have not been created.