Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christian Music Sunday - 31 July 2011

As with last week's offering, today's featured song comes straight from the Book of Psalms. Once again, we're sure that it's not the treatment that King David envisaged when the words of Psalm 36 were first penned.

Third Day is one of our favourite Christian bands. It wasn't long after we decided to follow Jesus that Third Day entered our consciousness, and this was one of the songs that did it. It's a simple song; only six lines of verse, but the words are straight from scripture. More than any other one song this one reawakened our love or music and led us to the realm of worship music.

So here you go; enjoy:

We hope that this song blesses you as much as it has blessed us!


nellie said...

One of my all time favourites! I just wish they had sung it live at Parachute last time they were here..

Inventory2 said...

Ditto Nellie. I've seen Third Day twice at Parachute, and all if can say is that they rock!