Friday, February 4, 2011

This Sporting Life - 4 February 2011

Is it just us, or does anyone else wish that the Black Caps' season would hurry up and end? They once again disappointed last night, and with just one game remaining before the World Cup, confidence is at an all-time low for both the team and its loyal supporters. About the only consolation we can take from this series is that Australia lost three straight ODI's to the Black Caps immediately before the 2007 World Cup, and then went on to win it. Yes; we're cricket tragics, so we'll ang on to the slimmest ray of hope!!

And is anyone else starting to get a bit miffed with Daniel Vettori's snide remarks on his demotion from the role of selector? We've long admired Vettori, but over the last few weeks we've seen a different side to him; that of a petulant bad loser. We're starting to wonder whether it is in fact Vettori who is the destabilisng influence within the Black Caps. His latest comment, along the lines that he didn't know if he would be in the team because he's not a selector any more was discomforting. His reign as captain will end in a few weeks, when New Zealand is eliminated from the World Cup. We're starting to wonder whether that might be the beginning of the end of his careeras well. Regular commenter Tinman will doubtless have an opinion on this subject!

And as the international cricket season draws to a close, the rugby season beckons; it's only two weeks until the Super 15 kicks off, followed a few weeks later by the NRL. We can understand the early start this season due to the expanded competition and the impending World Cup but seriously, it is WAY to early to be playing rugby. Let's just hope that no-one crucial to the All Blacks' chances of success is injured whilst playing on the rock-hard summer fields.

That's it from us today; feel free to talk about anything sporting that you wish; the floor is yours ...


alex Masterley said...

Watched bits of the train wreck last night.

It was cringe inducing, an abject pathetic even, display starting with fat boy's dismissal, and then How's dissmissal to the pullshot.....

John Wright must be wonderin what he's done wrong.

Round my area the Eden Park signs for a major event, tomorrows game, are up, but I doubt that many people will bother to go.

Sad really. Cricket used to be a game where NZ had credibility. Because of this current lot we don't.

I would advocate that there needs to be a complete structural rethink and revamp starting with the CEO of NZ cricket, the board and the way the "elite" game is managed.

Roll on the S15.

pdm said...

When I tuned into CRICINFO Taylor was set and McCullum was on 4. They should have laid the foundation for the win. The run rate was only about 6 per over at the time.

What dolt had Oram batting at 9? As I recall all of his match winning innings have come when he has had time to play himself in (something foreign to todays NZ team) and then launch an attack. You cannot do that from down there.

Have a look at The Sports Geek for my World Cup preview.

Inventory2 said...

@ pdm - McCullum looked totally out of sorts last night against the Paki spinners.

As for Oram, they had a left-hand (Franklin)/right-hand (Taylor) combo going into the last powerplay, and both McCullum N and Oram were padded up. I can only guess that they wanted to stay with the lh/rh mix.

@ Alex - yes, I think that Justib=n Vaughan has to carry the blame for a lot of what has gone on in the last two or three years. He has allowed the players to have far too much say in the running of the game IMHO

Suz said...

Bring back Sir Richard Hadlee.

pdm said...

Justin Vaughan has been a disaster as CEO. He must have a water tight contract otherwise he would have been sacked way before this.

Suz - I am not sure what you want Sir Paddles to do but as a repacement for Vaughan he is not an option. Plus he has a `dicky ticker' so cannot play.

Inventory2 said...

My enduring memory of Sir Paddles is the test march against the West Indies at Christchurch where Hadlee and Jeremy Coney weren't talking to one another, and John Wright was assigned the job of passing messages between the captain and the champion fast bowler. It would seem as though that was good preparation for Wright's current role ...

Suz said...

@ pdm, as a complete and utter ignoramus in all things sporting, I was merely jesting; his is just a name I remember being bandied about when NZ used to win the odd match (:

I'm still not convinced though, even in a zimmer-frame, he could not out-shine some of the current crop!

As an aside, well done for all your informative posts on both sport and politics.

pdm said...

Suz - I don't think Sir Paddles is at the zimmer frame stage yet. One thing is for sure he couldn't do any worse than some of them.

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