Sunday, February 13, 2011

A stunning weekend

As we head into the latter stages of a very odd summer, we're pleased to report that it has been a stunning weekend in the metropolis of Wanganui this weekend. The sun has shone, the temperatures have been in the high 20's and there's been precious little wind.

Wanganui has been alive too. The Masters Games has brought many visitors to the River City. Wherever we've been for a coffee or a bite to eat this week, and especially this weekend and last the crowds have been out and about, and local merchants have been all smiles. We had planned to partake in the Masters Games outselves, but illness intervened. But the way that the weather was on Thursday and Friday, being off the golf course might have been more pleasant than being on it!

We also drove off to the 'Naki this afternoon, and we've seldom seen the countryside looking so green in mid-February, especially around the sand country. Even the farmers are smiling! And the calm conditions today saw plenty of boats crossing the bar at the mouth of the Whanganui River. A good time is being had by all.

So don't tell anyone that Wanganui is one of New Zealand's hidden treasures. They might all want to come here, and then we'd never get Sunday brunch!


robertguyton said...

A stunning weekend for John Key at the Big Gay Out Inv2!
His speech was cr*ap though, compared to Goff's and his gutless refusal to say whether he supports Civil Unions gives a lot of credence to those who say he's spineless.
There were no reports that he danced with trannies this time around but we all no doubt had the image in our minds of the last time he went down to the gay-fest. His moves then mirrored those of his catwalk mincing recently. You'll have read the Womens Weekly article that reported Key as having left his wife suffering from swine-flu and gone off for a game of golf? Some of his lustre seems to have flaked off just lately Inv2, don't you think?

Inventory2 said...

There was no Big Gay Out in Wanganui Robert. Please stick to the subject.

robertguyton said...

Shows how little you know Inv2!
You're hanging out at the wrong beaches!