Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poor Phil - conference edition

We really do feel sorry for Phil Goff sometimes. And today is one of those times.

Why would that be? Well, it's the Labour Party conference this weekend; it's supposed to be Phil Goff's crowning glory. The Labour Party is rolling out new policies. Phil Goff should, today of all days, be front-page news.

We haven't yet seen the print edition of the Sunday Star-Times, but online its featured story is NOT about Phil Goff; it's about John Key. Admittedly, it's an attempt to discredit National as being a one-man band, complete with the obligatory quote from "One National MP, who asked not to be named", but Phil Goff only gets one mention, in a sentence about Helen Clark who gets mentioned a number of times!! That must REALLY grate for Phil.

It's just not fair eh Phil!

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