Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christian Music Sunday - 23/5/2010

We featured Rapture Ruckus during NZ Music Month last year. We generally switch right off when hip-hop music comes on, but from the time we first saw Brad Dring (the driving force behind Rapture Ruckus) perform, we were hooked.

He's unconventional. He's a skinny white guy from Wellington, in a genre dominated by black Americans, and locally by Pasifika people. And in the hooks and beats of the music, he's communicating the Gospel of Christ in a way that's incredibly relevant to the young people who listen to this kind of music.

The lyrics to I Believe flash up throughout this video. But if your eyes are a bit older, as mine are, you can have a read of them here. This is Brad Dring's statement of faith. It's personal. He was headed towards a life of drug addiction before God intervened, and helped him to turn his life around. The result might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we enjoy it, and this is our blog!


Mark D said...

I totally agree, hip-hop is not my cup of tea, but ever since I first heard Rapture Ruckus at Parachute 5 years ago - I've been hooked. His live concerts are outstanding and it's one of those artists both myself and my children can enjoy.

Anonymous said...

This life is for humans, not christians. Quickly, to the afterlife with thee.

Inventory2 said...

@ Mark D - my late-teen daughter cringes when I head for the moshpit!