Friday, February 19, 2010

That's tough Mumsy

From the Sour Grapes department - this from today's Herald:

A 50-year-old Napier grandmother known as "Mumsy" to boyracers says her disqualification from driving for six months after being caught doing a burnout is "over the top".

Lee Smith, of Napier, pleaded guilty in the Napier District Court to one charge of sustained loss of traction.

And she said the 9m smoking burnout had reflected badly on her "mates" in the boyracer scene.

"I let a lot of people down, including the boyracer scene, and I apologise to them. It gets a bad enough rap without me doing something stupid as well."

Sheesh; as if a 50-year-old boyracer granny isn't bad enough, she even talks like one. Check this out as she attempts to justify her behaviour:

Smith told Hawke's Bay Today she was "letting off steam" after finding out about a car crash near Meeanee which involved her friends.

"As I took off, I felt it going down and, to my detriment, I did not stop it and I've driven a car long enough to know what to do."

We presume that when she says "I felt it going down" she means that she felt the car losing traction. She had a choice then, and she made the wrong one. Instead of backing off, she kept the power on, doubtless to the delight of her "mates".

Mumsy needs to grow up. Judge Tony Adeane, the judge who locks up taggers has earned further kudos from this blog for hitting Mumsy where it hurts. She should, in the language spoken by her boyracer friends "suck it up" and stop moaning.

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pdm said...

Napier people can be like that. I am sure there won't be any 50 year old grannies like her in Hastings lol.