Thursday, June 4, 2009


Was it David, or was it Robin?

I guess we'll all get a bit caught up in the hype of the David Bain murder trial as the jury is sent out to deliberate on its verdicts. But at least we can niow freely express our opinions, safe in the knowledge that it is highly unlikely now that members of the jury will see what we are saying.

Like most people, we have our opinion as to David Bain's gult or innocence. We reckon he did it. But we are far less certain that this jury, given all the questioning of the original verdict that has taken place over the intervening years, will find against David Bain.

We expected the Crown's case against Bain to be in tatters this time around. It was not; in fact, if anything, it was stronger than we remember. Having not heard all the evidence, we freely admit that our opinion is highly speculative. We note however that from internet coverage of Justice Pankhurst's summing-up and direction to the jury, he has left them to ponder this question:

Why would Robin Bain wear gloves to murder the family if he was going to kill himself and announce himself the murderer with a note left on the computer?

We also found it interesting that Justice Pankhurst specifically directed the jury to ignore Bain's counsel's comments yesterday about Bain being lonely and penniless, directing them not to be swayed by sympathy and to focus solely on the evidence.

The jury is out now - all we can do is wait, and exchange thoughts. What way do you lean?

UPDATE: Stuff's coverage of Justice Pankhurst's summing-up is here, and the Herald's coverage is here

Meanwhile, the jury has retired for the night, after asking the jdge a question which is suppressed


Anonymous said...

The gloves and lack of blood splatteres on Robin give the nod to david
The full bladder always was the big one for me though

Anonymous said...

The gloves and lack of blood splatters on Robin give the nod to David
The full bladder always was the big one for me though

Inventory2 said...

Indeed - 400mls of urine in his bladder. I'm of a similar age to Bain snr, and I know what my first "task" is every morning!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments. I think he is guilty but I'm not sure the jury will find him so. The media hype surrounding his release from prison and since then seems almost to have created an expectation that he'll get off, so I hope the jury can ignore that. I was underwhelmed by the defence case, the hype beforehand made it seem they were going to rip the crown's case to shreds.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this case closely and am disgusted with the hyperbole and self-aggrandisement masquerading as a defence case. Michael Reed has obviously watched too much of Alan Shore on Boston Legal or re-runs LA Law. He should be made to hand back most of his legal aid.

pdm said...

My wife and I debate this from time to time - she says Robin and I say David.

While I haven't followed the trial in its' most minute detail I haven't seen, read or heard anything to change my mind.

Madeleine said...
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Damocles said...

I've avoided as much of the media drivel on this case as I could. My view, formed by occasional encounters with the evidence, is that there's enough 'reasonable doubt' that the jury will decline to convict.

If all else fails, surely that jumper would suggest an insanity defence?

Leg Break said...

I too go for a slash first thing.

But if I was a homicidal maniac who wanted to knock off my family to cover up my incest I’m not sure I’d bother.

I actually think Robin did it, but David wrote the note on the computer because he panicked.

But I’m so glad it’s over. So boring.

Pique Oil said...

Leg Break, I agree that too much emphasis has been placed on the full bladder. A "normal" middle aged male will go to the toilet first thing. But what happens if for example that "normal" male had to get his family out of a burning house? Would he need to go to the toilet first?
The whole family was not normal and when we try to put ourselves in their shoes, we fail because we are nothing like them.
Who had the greater motive is the key question for me, and that means I lean towards Robin, but I am not sure at all.

Buggerlugs said...

Pique - surely if you woke up to a burning house with a full bladder the first thing you would do would be to piss yourself? Either that or try to kill two birds with one stone and piss on the fire...

Rakaia George said...

Why is it either Robin or David?

What if either:

a) David came home to find Robin had killed everyone else and so killed him and made it look like suicide, or

b) David came home to find Robin had committed suicide, went do-lally and shot everyone else?

Random thoughts...

Leg Break said...


I’ve always thought option 1 was quite likely.