Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday the 13th

Yesterday wasn't a red-letter day, and we started today in a grumpy mood - for any number of reasons including:

  • Labour romped home in the Mt Albert by-election
  • The All Blacks lost the first test to France - you can read Marc Hinton's match summary here, which spells it out far more eloquently that we could
  • The Black Caps get spanked by Pakistan in the ICC World T20 tournament, and we wasted a good sleep opportunity by getting up to watch it!
Then the penny dropped! Yesterday was the 13th of June!! And the more we thought about it, we realised it wasn't all bad news. Labour's win in Mt Albert may dampen down the BBQ's for a few months, and a Phil Goff-led Labour Party can only be good news - for John Key and National that is!

See - every cloud has a silver lining. We feel better already!!


pdm said...

Marc Hinton may write more eloquently than you (and that is probably open to debate) but does he watch the same game.

As an example he says Messems try started from a grubber kick by Cowan. When I watched the game live I could have sworn it was a chip kick over the top of a tackle/ruck. Albeit a chip kick which Cowan deliberately kept low and not too deep. but a grubber it was not.

He also fails to ask one very pertinent question - `Is Graham Henry capable of selecting and coaching a winning world cup team in 2011?

I don't think so.

Leg Break said...

Have the All Blacks conceded a more embarrassing try than the first one last night?

NZRU should bow its head in eternal shame for the fact that Henry is still in that job.

Now Thompson is injured I wonder who will play at 7 next week. Probably Ali Williams.

Inventory2 said...

Good call LB - to call that first try "soft" is a huge understatement.

We certainly lack depth in several positions at the moment - first-five, #7 and open-side. What's worse, is that there don't seem to be the players coming through the grades. There's certainly no budding Richie McCaw, nor an emerging Dan Carter clone. I'm normally pretty positive about the All Blacks, but it's a struggle today. The one reassuring thing about going to the game in Welly next week is that surely the AB's can't play that badly again - can they?

pdm said...

LB - what about Tialata at 7? He is no bloody use at prop despite INV2 saying elsewhere that they were not allowed to scrum by the ref. Tialata is a liability full stop.

In the last 10 days both Henry and Smith said Toeava was `pure gold' to the All Blacks. Last nights French team think so too - how many times did he drop the ball or turn it over in the tackle?

If there is a guy who is pure gold it is Muliaina - the most refreshing speaker and analysis straight after a game that I have possibly ever heard from a captain.

Inventory2 said...

pdm - what makes the loose forward situation worse is that they HAD a specialist openside sitting on the bench!

As for Muliaina, much as I admire him as a player and as a bloke (and agree with you about the post-match), I would suggest that there is a very good reason why it has been so long since the All Blacks were captained by a fullback.

pdm said...

The idiot Stu Wilson ensured in the early 80's that hell would have to freeze over before an outside back would be captain of the AB's again. It was so bloody cold over Queens Birthday weekend that is probably what caused it. lol.

I think they have a very good forward leader in Read, he seems to do the job well for both the Crusaders and Canterbury. Was he given the chance last night?