Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Red card for Trev

A couple of weeks ago, Trevor Mallard became the first MP to be red-carded by Dr Lockwood Smith. A few moments ago, he got his beans again, and another red card, after accusing John Key of being a liar.

We'll post the Hansard shortly, but one point stands out - Mr Speaker suggesting that Trevor Mallard needs to do something about his anger problem. Doubtless Tau Henare has a strong opinion on that as well!

Lockwood Smith has been patient to a fault with Mallard, and has bent over backwards not to single him out extra disciplinary treatment, despite Mallard's constant provocation. We commend him for standing up to the bully this afternoon, and note that Mallard is lucky not to have been "named" for his parting shot to Mr Speaker along the lines of "That is the worst decision you have ever made". In our considered opinion, Trevor Mallard got every ounce of what he deserved this afternoon.

UPDATE: Trevor Mallard doesn't do remorse! Check out his latest blog post. We will copy and paste it, as we reckon the link will suddenly die when he realises what a fool he is making of himself. But it will stay here on Keeping Stock for posterity. We hope that Lockwood Smith hauls him over the coals tomorrow. Have a read of this:

Key’s Growing Nose

Posted by Trevor Mallard on June 23rd, 2009

John Key tried to tell the House today that it was not in the public interest for him to reveal whether or not he had information not now in the public arena when he lost confidence in Richard Worth. Not what information, not the source but whether there was such information.

Revealing the fact that such information exists, or does not exist will assist the public in making a judgement as to whether Worth has been dealt with fairly or harshly and key has an obligation to reveal the specific information unless there is some security intelligence, defence or commercially sensitive reason for not doing so.

Political sensitivity is not a reason one can invoke the public interest.

I told Key I didn’t believe him, told him his nose was growing. He lied to the House and quoted me as calling him a liar. Speaker Smith required me to withdraw and apologise for saying something I did not say. To do so would have been to admit saying it. Smith did not allow me to say that I had not made the comments and tossed me out in probably the most blatantly biased decision of the year.


gingercrush said...

The guy needs to be on a leash. I don't know why Labour lets him be so loose but the guy needs to be controlled.

Michael Wynd said...

What an angry, bitter man. Helen and Michael are both in secure roles and what's he left with? A term in opposition with clones of Helen and members of the Rainbow faction,various unionists, none of whom have any chance of winning the next election based on current polling. I would think that this is just frustration and despair.

gingercrush said...

Truly maddening, the guy on leaving the house doesn't reflect on his actions but accuses the speaker of being bias.

gingercrush said...

Have a read of his new blog piece on Red Alert. Does this guy not learn anything and how long will Labour allow him to run so loose.

pdm said...

Mallard has been asking for it in the last week. He keeps raising stupid points of order - for example during the first question he raised a point of order suggesting that John Key was being disrespectful to the speaker beacause he turned his back on him.

Just desserts is a phrase that comes to mind.

Inventory2 said...

gingercrunch - Mallrd's blog post is now cut and pasted on Keeping Stock where it will stay, even if Mallard has an attack of the smarts, and pulls it from Red Alert. I reckon that his attack on Lockwood Smith in the blog-post will have serious consequences for him.

mawm said...

Mmmmmm... Mallard is digging himself a very dep hole. Making these libelous comments without the protection of Parliamentary privilege. Things could get interesting!

CB said...

Now poor widdle Twevor wants to pass a no confidence motion against the speaker.
What a nasty piece of work that man is.

I didn't know that if a member is named they get their pay docked.

Can we name them all each day for 900 days. Imagine how much we taxpayers would save :)

paradigm said...

Twevor doesn't know what a biased speaker is. We've probably got the most opposition friendly speaker ever, and Twevor still manages to get on his bad side. What a 'tard.

This is going to be a really bad look for labour. Everyone knows how Lockwood Smith has redeemed question time, which used to be a bad joke. Trevor screaming at him just looks like a spoilt kid throwing a tantrum.