Saturday, June 20, 2009


We are delighted when we read about pro-active policing like this:

Police corralled 120 boy racer vehicles in a Kaiwharawhara car park while the cars underwent thorough road-worthiness checks.

The four-hour police operation ended early yesterday morning with 15 cars ordered off the road and 38 infringement notices issued.

It happened in the Spotlight car park at the bottom of Wellington's Ngaio Gorge, from 10pm on Thursday to 2am yesterday.

Strategic Traffic Unit sergeant Mark Moody said police were tipped off that boy racers had been planning street races along the old Hutt Road and Thorndon Quay.

"We stopped possible illegal street racing from taking place and were very concerned about the number of dangerously modified vehicles we came across."

He said the targeted motorists were free to come and go as they pleased but over 120 vehicles examined by police were not released until they had been thoroughly inspected.

Not surprisingly, not all the boy-racers were happy chappies or chapesses:

Cameron Blake, from Wainuiomata, said he was cruising in his mate's Hilux ute about 10pm on Thursday when a mass text message went out for boy racers to congregate in the Spotlight car park.

When the car park filled up other boy-racer vehicles parked in the Beaurepaires yard next door.

Mr Blake, 17, said there were about six police cars and seven officers involved in the operation.

"We were prisoners in the car park until they finished inspecting our vehicles."

He said police did not finish inspecting his mate's car for several hours. "We were allowed out about 2am. They got their ticket quota this week."

Our message to Mr Blake and hit mates is simple - tell someone who cares!

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