Monday, March 2, 2009

You've obviously confused us ...

... for someone who cares! That's Keeping Stock's response to the current lead headline on Stuff.

Sally Ridge's step-father in Ponsonby crash

Now it's not as though Sally Ridge is an A-list celebrity, even in Auckland. And it wasn't her in the car, it was her step-father. No-one was killed; no-one was badly injured; no animals were harmed!

Is there news value in this story? Not in our opinion. It must be a slow-news day!



But who was ghe stepfather?
Adam Parore's dad.
Or Matthew Ridge?

I'm not sure if her and Adam are married?
Are they?

LaFemme said...

There are celebrities in Auckland?

Inventory2 said...

I don't know about celebrities LaFemme, but there are plenty who are legends in their own lunchtimes!

Leg Break said...

Sally's kids' stepfather are coached by a mate of mine.

KKD goes along and watches practices.

That's right; watches.

He sits under the trees and watches with his sunnies on.

Now, call me old-fashioned; but shouldn't he help out? How good would these Remmers kids feel to get some tips from a guy with ~70 tests under his belt?

But no, he sits and dozes.

Inventory2 said...

LB - presume KKD is Parore - can you shed some light on the KKD bit?

Leg Break said...

I meant SKD:

Sally Kids' Stepfather.

AKA Adam Parore

And the mate of mine actually knows him quite weel; used to play against him for years etc.

Inventory2 said...

Also known as Mav, short for Maverick, after the charcater in Top Gun who was not a team player - fits him to a T!!

Barnsley Bill said...

I wonder if the jewel thief managed to palm any coins from the car while the old boy was out?

Lafemme said...

"...legends in their own lunchtimes"?
Great line, Inv2:)

Rob's Blockhead Blog said...

More in the same vein...the lead story on the Herald site this morning is what a TV exceutive said about a TV critic.

More for the Airborne Fornication (Who gives a) file...