Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You'd have to wonder ...

... about allegations of police hypocrisy, given the allegations against Supt Graham Thomas. The Dom-Post reports this morning that the police hierarchy has gone into damage control mode - read on:

The Government is under mounting political pressure to investigate why a top police officer refused to be breathtested amid allegations police bosses are showing hypocrisy in their handling of the controversy.

But police are warning media "not to rely on inaccurate speculation" over the actions of Superintendent Graham Thomas, who members of the public say they saw slumped over the steering wheel of his police-issue car, smelling of alcohol, before offering to call him a taxi.

Labour justice spokesman Clayton Cosgrove has called for the Government to assure the public that everyone is treated equal after Mr Thomas, manager of police prosecutions, was cleared of wrongdoing by a police investigation into reports he drove home drunk from a police bar last December.

We can't believe we're saying this, but we actually agree with Clayton Cosgrove over this matter! The more we hear of this case, the worse it looks - and smells. Judith Collins needs to be sending a very terse message to Howard Broad to convey to every member of the police - they are no different to anyone else; whether on duty or not, they are subject to the same laws that we are, with a few exceptions, drink-driving NOT being one of them!

There are aggravating features to the Thomas case as well, in particular the lack of a paper trail. We look forward to Judith Collins demanding an assurance from Broad that proper procedures were followed, and that Thomas was not the recipient of a Barry Matthews Get Out of Jail Free card.


pdm said...

While it is galling to have to agree with Cosgrove it is also pertinent to point out that this is just an extension of the culture of the Polce hierarchy. A culture which was condoned by Cosgrove and his cabinet cohorts just a few months ago.

The hyprocacy of the ousted former Labour cabinet knows no bounds.

Inventory2 said...

Good point pdm - I guess it adds to the argument that it is far easier to get a headline from the Opposition benches.

Leg Break said...

Without being pedantic, it’s not hypocrisy.

This guy knew the law (as you’d expect) and used it to his advantage.

In the same way you would expect an accountant to know and use a tax loophole.