Saturday, March 7, 2009

No John, no!

That's Keeping Stock's advice to John Key this morning in light of Vernon Small's story in the Dom-Post suggesting that Michael Cullen could be offered the chair of a major SOE.

Among other things, Michael Cullen:
  • openly opposes everything the new government represents, and eveything it stands for
  • has a low regard for John Key, having previously referred to him as a "scumbag" and a "rich prick"
  • saddled New Zealand with a decade of deficits
  • paid well over the odds for his beloved KiwiRail
  • misled New Zealand by omitting deficit information regarding ACC from the Prefu statement last year

We accept that John Key is big on inclusiveness, and that's fine. Helen Clark has set a precedent in appointing former National PM Jim Bolger to key roles under her government. But not, as DPF notes at Kiwiblog, for four years after he left Parliament. If National is hell-bent on taking this step, a similar "rehabilitation" period is needed as a bare minimum. But in all honesty, we hope that Vernon Small is barking up the wrong tree!


adamsmith1922 said...

Bloody disgrace

no more cronyism

LaFemme said...

Insulting, really.

Inventory2 said...

You're right LaFemme. But as Adam Smith points out on his blog, Vernon Small is resonably close to Cullen, so perhaps he's testing the waters - I certainly hope so!