Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hoist by his own petard

Over at Kiwiblog, DPF reports on a couple of slam-dunks by National Ministers during Question Time yesterday. Whilst we enjoyed those moments, especially poor old Jim, we reckon that this hit on Phil Goff was the best of the lot:

Simon Bridges: Has she seen any other reports on the private management of prisons?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS: Yes. I have seen a report in which the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Phil Goff, appears to endorse the private management of prisons. He said: “The point I am making is that it does not matter a damn whether one has private or public prisons in that sense. What really matters is the way in which those prisons are operated.”

Gottim!!! And the supplementary that followed was nearly as good:

Hon Dr Michael Cullen: Has the Minister seen a report in The Economist of 28 February where in Florida two judges have been charged with accepting kickbacks from a private correctional facility firm, in order to sentence juvenile offenders to prison on extremely minor offences; if so, what action will she be taking to make sure that no such misuse can occur in New Zealand?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS: Yes, and Florida is a long way away from here.

Well done Crusher Collins - and her research team!

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