Friday, November 14, 2008

The Friday Forum 17/11/2008

Yahoo! It's Friday, and what a week it has been - John Key acting decisively, Helen Clark and Michael Cullen cutting and running, Phil Goff taking the poisoned chalice, and immediately under fire from Tariana Turia. But underlying it all, the good news that early next week, the incoming National-led government will be sworn in.

So welcome to the Friday Forum - you know the drill - it's open slather - get it out of your system before the weekend!


NX said...

... anyone done the 'Tongariro Crossing' before?

Inventory2 said...

No, but I've heard that it is a very pleasant tramp in the right weather, and an absolute bastard in adverse weather!

pdm said...

Not my scene nx. But if the weather where I was near Raetihi last Friday is any indication of what you can confront it is no wonder ill prepared trampers get into big trouble on it.

Anonymous said...

How much of their own words do Journalists need to add to a piece to get paid.

Look at these 2 pieces from Audrey Young and Maggie Tait. The first 2
paragraphs are word for word and the rest has bits added\removed here and there.

Did they just cut and paste a press release and add their name to the work??

NX said...

pdm wrote:
it is no wonder ill prepared trampers get into big trouble on it.

Gulp. Guess I better not wear my sneakers then ;).

The trip has now been up-scaled to the 'Tongariro Northern Circuit'; a 2 day tramp!

Oh well, hope I'm not on the six o'clock news tomorrow.

homepaddock said...

If the mood at Christchurch show yesterday is anything to go by, rural NZ is very happy with the change of government.