Saturday, November 8, 2008

Clark standing down!

Breaking news - Helen Clark has just told the party faithful - "My job as Labour leader is done" - she wants a new leader elected by Christmas.

I didn't expect THAT tonight!


Monkey Boy said...

Anything to steal the fucking limelight.

Anonymous said...

didn't you?

see was ready to do this 3 years ago when she thought she lost last time.

what did you expect - the police called in to arrest john key?

Now - time to set up the anti-Corruption commission and get her into jail!

Budgieboy said...

I didnt expect it either, or a least not this quick.

As she delivered the words I turned to my partner and said "that bitch is stealing John Keys thunder, there will now be two headlines tomorrow"

And sure enough, one news late night wrap up lead with HER ... so am I petty???

Yeah maybe but I beleive that someone with her political nouse and experiance knew exactly the implication of her timing... bitch!

showmethetaxcut said...

What monkey boy said.

I was gob smacked.

NX said...

Well I expected it.

Her ego couldn't stand going into opposition after being such a 'compotent & popular' PM.