Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad, bad news for Labour

The One News - Colmar Brunton poll has National with a 12 point lead, 47 to 35. With 62 seats predicted to be needed to form a government, Espiner reckons that National/Act/UF can govern, with or without the Maori Party. The best that Labour can do is 58 with a four-headed Hydra!

And the 3News - TNS poll - the one that the PM has always sworn by - is even more telling - a 13 point gap, and the Nats/Act/UF lobby on 64 seats - a comfortable majority. 3News reckon it will take a Houdini act for Labour to survive. They predict Labour will have just 42 MP's, so anyone from Damien O'Connor (#37) down is in trouble if they don't hold their seats if the likes of Clare Curran, Grant Robertson, Chris Hipkins, Iain Lees-Galloway and Brendon Burns win their electorates. That could spell the exit of such fine specimens as O'Connor, Judith Tizard, Mark Burton, Mahuta Okeroa, Martin Gallagher, Dave Hereora, Lesley Soper and Louisa Wall (the loss of the latter actually would be a shame).

Let's wait and see what Fairfax has to say in the morning, but I'd venture to suggest that Mike Williams is ringing round the South Auckland KFC's telling them to order up large for Saturday!


pdm said...

Inv2 - you mast have had too much sun on your cruise lol.

Helen has said the TV3 poll is a `rogue poll'. So it must be, it is not allowed, by Helen's decree, to be anything but a rogue.

Inventory2 said...

Only one rogue with that poll pdm, and that's the PM who's calling it a rogue! She always complains that Colmar Brunton favours the Nats and that 3News is the one, but tonight her poll is even worse than the One News one.

And we didn't get a lot of sun while crusing, although the days at Ouvea and Isle of Pines were fine enough for a dip in the lagoon.

Anonymous said...

Still underestimating ACT's support, I'm pretty sure...