Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keeping Baubles

So it's true. Winston "The Baubleator" Peters may have been relieved of his portfolios, but the privileges of office remain. Yep, that's right - less work, same money; less work, Ministerial house; less work' Minsiterial BMW and chauffeur; less work, same staff, except for those who are portfolio-specific. That doesn't really seem like too much of an inconvenience for the Minister for Courtney Place as Peters was once known.

Rodney Hide summed it up well on 3News tonight:

The man who lodged the SFO complaint, ACT leader Rodney Hide said that was not on.

"She's stood him down but she hasn't cut off his baubles, so Winston's got all the perks and title of a minister he just hasn't got any of the work which will probably suit Winston perfectly - no work, all baubles," Mr Hide said.

If Peters was so confident he had the evidence he should make it public and let the voters decide, he said.

1 comment:

pdm said...

I love the phrase:

`she hasn't cut off his baubles'

perhaps Rodney should have added -
or his balls yet!!!