Saturday, July 5, 2008

There may have been a brief respite for Helen Clark and co when the last of the big rigs rolled out of cities yesterday (not that Clark would confess to having noticed them!), but evening brought more bad news. It was Roy Morgan Friday! And the latest Roy Morgan poll, brought nothing but bad news for the government.

National still has a commanding 21 point lead, and despite having lost 1% still holds an outright majority at 51.5%. Labour also lost 1% support, and now sits at 30.5%, their new low on the RM poll since the 2005 election. Only the Greens, at 8% exceed the 5% threshhold.

The regional breakdown that RM provides is interesting too (Labour/National)

Auckland - 32/51.5
Wellington - 38/44.5
Christchurch - 38/49.5
Other NI - 31/51.5
Other SI - 33/52

Even Wellington, with its strong state service presence, is slowly but surely turning from red to blue. That must be a real worry for Labour.

And bear in mind the timing - this poll finished on Sunday June 29, so none of this weeks events (Crosby/Textor & ACC for National and mudslinging & truck protests for Labour) will have been captured. We barely need to ask which will have been more damaging!

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